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About the CMA Credential

  • The Certified Management Accountant credential is the leading advanced professional certification designed specifically for accounting and financial management professionals in business.
  • It’s a common certification for management accountants, who are crucial figures in determining the status and success of a company.
  • Focuses surround cost accounting, financial planning, and management issues. CMAs often find work in corporate financial accounting and strategic management.
  • CMA is a worldwide credential, offered by the Institute of Management Accountants.
  • CMA verifies the holder is an expert in accounting and financial management, giving you a major advantage when searching for a job.

CMA Preview

Product Overview

Product Overview

Surgent’s CMA Review course customizes each student’s study program to fit that student’s unique needs, focusing on weaker areas of comprehension.

Surgent CMA Review key technology features:

  • A.S.A.P. Technology
  • ReadySCORE
  • My MCQs

We utilize these tools in the 3 phases of the CMA Review course:
  • Assessment
  • Study Plan
  • Review

We utilize these tools in the 3 phases of the CMA Review course:

Product Overview: The Assessment Phase

  • Students complete a series of quizzes with questions pulled from all exam content areas.
  • Their answers enable the software to identify their unique knowledge gaps.
  • At the conclusion of the assessment, students receive a diagnostic report that details their stronger and weaker areas of comprehension.

Product Overview: The Study Plan Phase

  • A hyper-personalized study plan is created based on assessment results – is continually updated to adjust to study progress – and focuses on the student’s weaker areas of comprehension.
  • “Your Daily Surge” recommends MCQs, videos, and written materials for the student.
  • Note: Specific study material varies by product.

Product Overview: The Review Phase

  • Unlimited practice exams, which include the same tools and features as the actual exam, help candidates better prepare for exam day.
  • Students receive their cumulative ReadySCORE indicating if they’re ready to sit for the certification exam.
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CMAs Work for Multinational Corporations Worldwide

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